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More than two account on my Samsung tab

Hi friends, help me please if possible…

I have a 8 year old kid and want my kids to use my Tab as well as me but want my personal info locked like facebook is logged on, contacts, history etc.. with a computer we all have separate accounts on the home screen?

Is it possible on my Samsung Tab?

Thanks in advance!

So we did not say that, but I think it is not possible- yes but you can do it with help of security apps!

Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus has a feature where you can lock certain apps with a PIN - So this could help you.

There's a limited free version, or you can pay a subscription.

Also, Applock is a free app which does exactly the same but is limited to just this feature.

I'm sure there are other apps around but these are the first things that spring to mind!

Now you would have agreed with me.

Thank you.

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