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Infinity Plane

Infinity Plane
Description: Infinity Plane
Get your flight suit on, hop in one of your 26 custom planes, and get ready to take off in the ultimate Hyper Casual flight challenge. Smash through gates in infinity mode to collect credits that you can trade in for upgrades. Or if you are more goal oriented play through the challenges and try your skill at crushing the levels. Collect distance points for Bragging rights, make your friends cry cause they can’t beat your high score.
Each plane has special abilities.
Unique power ups include - Shields, Turbos, Invincibility, Bullets, and more.
Casual game play.
Great to pass time.
Compete against your friends on our leader boards.
Plane models -
Red Avenger
and many more
Link To Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/detai...e&hl=en_US
[Image: AV4jp7Y5DfHqmxWzBjb3ieEYI6VYUDYxQchm1CAd...w1366-h654][Image: d5q8hQJjRXJnINfIwIsmphNB_4KopgOxmskxFA4O...w1366-h654]

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