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How to use SIRI in iPhone

if you forgot to turn SIRI on while setting up your iPhone, so turn it on—Go to settings > General > SIRI > Turn on SIRI. Once it is turned on, you have to press Home button until SIRI appears. Now you would hear two beeps, and see a message on your screen—what can I help you with ?

underneath this message you would see a microphone icon as well, tap this icon and start speaking. Tap the microphone icon again when you are done, SIRI also waits for you to stop. SIRI displays the same what you have said and gives you the response, it also includes related info that might be useful. If its an app that has flashed in info, so tap the display to open that application for details and further action. SIRI may ask you for clarification in order to complete a request. For example, if you have said SIRI—remind me to go to the office, in such situation SIRI may ask you further “What time would you like me to remind you?” . You can also cancel the request by tapping the microphone icon or Home button. If it’s a phone call which you have requested to SIRI, and want to cancel it—To cancel a phone call started with SIRI, press home button before the phone app opens. And if the phone app is already open and about to place a call, tap END to stop it.

How To Use Siri - Things You Might Not Know - iPhone 4s, 5, 5s and 5c


Siri is exclusively available on the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 In this tutorial / review will show you the basics of using Siri with your brand new iPhone 4S. Siri is an amazing feature on the new phone and will help you accomplish so many different tasks throughout the day. I am very excited to have this to show you guys. I made this tutorial to show all of you the value and basic necessity of having Siri on the new iPhone 4S. Siri can hep you Navigate, set appointments, search the web, text, call, find places for you. Pretty much everything we're all too lazy to do! lol. Thanks again hope this helps.


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