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How to hard reset Alcatel Flash 2

How to Hard Reset and Soft reset Alcatel Flash 2

Alcatel Flash 2 Reset may be set to reset the device if it does not respond to the on-screen button is touched. Performing a soft reset A soft reset allows your Alcatel Flash 2 Series system like the computer is restarted. After a soft reset is maintained all records and entries.

Soft reset steps: Use the stylus to lightly press the tip of your Alcatel Flash 2 top right opening of the Reset button.

To reset the Alcatel Flash 2 Series appliance is something simple to do to reset the factory settings and or even to simply release the device memory.But before doing the hard reset, it is good to take some precautions so you do not have any problem in the process.

Steps to be done before starting the process of master reset-

- Fully charge the battery of the device.
- Make a copy of your important data.
- Read the entire procedure before you run it.

Procedure to be performed for the hard reset and soft reset is as following -

Alcatel Flash 2 hard reset and Alcatel Flash 2 soft reset

Alcatel Flash 2 mobile phone is frozen, can't power on or you have forgotten your phone lock password

- Make sure your battery is not completely used up or damaged
- Remove your battery, remove your SIM card then reinstall them to power on again, if still does not work
- Hold down # key and press Power on/off key for a while to reset the phone

Long press "# key" and "power on key" at the same time in power off mode. On the screen you will see "All data will be lost, continue?", select "Yes,"
You will see "Formatting flash, please wait." The phone will restart when reset finished.

ALL User phone data: contacts, photos, messages and files, downloaded applications like Java games will be lost permanently. From the main menu, select the menu icon and select Restore default set.

Another way to restore factory settings is fromt he menu Go to MENU > Settings > RESTORE DEFAULT, select OK using LSK(Left soft key) or OK middle button, and input password. Default Alcatel Flash 2 password is 1234. If you do not know your phone password, then try the hard reset method above.

A confirmation message should appear "Confirm to restore and reboot" select YES if you want to restore default factory settings.

If the previous methodes not working try the following:

1. Turn off the phone completely.
2. Press and hold both Volume UP + power on the phone.
3. When Android Recovery menu screen shows up release all keys.
4. Navigate and highlight "wipe data / factory reset" using the Volume down key and press power to confirm.
5. Navigate and highlight again to Yes -- delete all data and press power.
6. All data will be lost! Before doing a hard reset backup all important data.

After hard reset is done select Reboot system now. Press power to reboot the phone.

My Alcatel Flash 2 cannot switch on
Check the battery contacts, remove and reinstall your battery, then turn your phone on
Check the battery power level, charge for at least 20 minutes.

If it still does not work, please use User Data Format to reset the phone

My phone is frozen or has not responded for several minutes

- Restart your phone by pressing and holding the RED power key
- Remove the battery and re-insert it, then restart the phone.

If it still does not work, please use User Data Format to reset the phone or My phone turns off by itself

- Make sure power off key is not mis-contacted
- Check the battery charge level

[b]If it still does not work
, please use User Data Format to reset the phone

Note: As fair as I know there is no ONE TOUCH Upgrade tool for Alcatel Flash 2 to upgrade software, despite the fact that the user manual refers to it. You cannot use ONE TOUCH Upgrade tool for Alcatel feature phones.

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