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How to get contacts from an Android phone to an iPhone?

I use Google to maintain my contacts, which syncs to my Android device. However, I'm switching to an iPhone 4. Will it be easy to transfer contact information?

This quick guide shows how to transfer iPhone contacts to your Android phone.

[Image: iPhone5.png]

The Steps:

1. You would need a utility to first transfer your iPhone contacts to your computer. Download it from here: Transfer iPhone contacts.

2. Once you run the program, connect your iPhone to your PC and let your contacts load

[Image: iPhone.png]

3. Next, select all of your iPhone contacts you'd like to transfer to your Android and click "Export selected"

[Image: iPhone1.png]

4. Click on the "Android (multiple .vcf files" button and export the contacts to a folder on your PC of your choice - for example, your Desktop

[Image: iPhone2.png]

5. Your iPhone contacts are now transferred to your PC as vCard files ready to be imported to your Android

[Image: iPhone3.png]

6. Next, plug your Android smartphone to your PC and go to "My Computer". You will see your Android device appear, along with other devices on your PC. Double click on your Android phone from wihtin "My Computer" and drag/drop the vCard files from the folder on your Desktop to your Android device

7. Disconnect your Android smartphone from your computer and tap on your Android's Menu button. Next, tap Import/Export > Improt from USB storage > Import all vCard files

[Image: iPhone4.png]

8. You will find your iPhone contacts transferred to your Android phone

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