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How to Create Empty Icons on iPhone?

One of the most popular ways of customizing the iOS experience is to mess around with the Springboard icons' layout. However due to the iOS's limitations, most of these customization options are only possible with jailbreak tweaks such as Gridlock. But here's a new trick that will allow you to create empty icons on iPhone with no jailbreak required.

[Image: How-to-create-empty-icons-on-iPhone-with...k-required]

The iOS has its fair share of glitches that enables one to perform some neat tricks without needing a jailbroken device . Today, AppAdvice has found another neat iOS tweak that allows you to create empty icons on iPhone with no jailbreak required. This is obviously useful for creating custom Springboard layouts or maybe so you can showcase your cool wallpaper more.

This trick has been tested on all devices running iOS 6 and higher. The process itself isn't very complicated but it can be tricky to explain it in writing. So it would be best if you would just watch the video courtesy of As you can see, creating these blank spaces isn't all that complicated and you can repeat this procedure as many times as you like. You can then freely move the blank icons and reposition them as you please.

However like most of these iOS glitches, there are some significant caveats. First, the app that you used to create the space will not be allowed back in the Home screen (the first Springboard page). So if you have used Calculator to create the black icon, for some strange reason, it won't be allowed back into the Home screen. Second, rebooting your iOS device will reset your layout and the blank icons will be gone.

Despite the limitations, this is a pretty cool trick to create empty icons on iPhone, especially when you don't have any way to jailbreak your device. So what do you think of this cool little iOS trick?

You can see through video.

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