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Google Nexus 7 Tablet:Suddenly hangs then goes black out.

I was playing Candy Crush when suddenly my Nexus 7 Tablet hangs then goes black out. Though after removing the battery, it went fine. Have you had the same experience with mine?
I just bought this 5 days ago.
Please comment on this. Thanks!

Hey dude It may happen sometimes due cache memory and some temp file which are interrupt in between playing game.

So first of all you have to remove all cache and temp file from your device.

I hope, after that you can enjoy android game again.Smile


Please try this:

Step 1. Plug-in your N7 to a wall charger. (Jump immediately to step 2.)

Step 2. Immediately after plugging it in, press Volume Down and Power simultaneously.

Step 3. Once in the bootloader menu, use Volume Down until you see “Power Off Device.”

Step 4. Choose that option with the Power button.

Step 5. Once your device is off, unplug the charger and then plug it back into the device.

I hope that this solution helps to fix you.

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