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Does Wi-Fi turn off when locked my iPhone?

I had been trying to figure out how within a month i use up more than 500mb of data on my iPhone 4s. I even bought the app: "Data Usage" where i was able to determine that in sleep mode.

iPhone uses 3G and then also noticed when i woke it up, switched back to wifi. I also tested turning off 3G connections but Data Usage app showed that it still uses up data but slower when the phone is asleep.

I definitely would want to maintain switching off 3G when am on wifi or when i go to bed. I think the user should be given an option to have wifi persistent and it would be nice to have an app that one can set to turn off 3G at certain times, like at night when going to sleep.

If there is any solution.So please share solution with me?

Please reset your setting now to solve your issue.

I think you need to off your mobile data connection when using wifi.

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