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discount Buckle

Metal wire buckle made up from carbon steel wire, which was formed on automatic buckle making machine. after surface treatment with phosphate, appearance becomes black and tough, which can be tensioned with woven straps very tightly.
It is used as standard in combination with woven polyester strap, bailing strap, width from 13 to 32mm.
Type Width(cm) Wire dia.(mm) Type of strapping Pcs per box cartons/pallet
QY-BP33 13 3.3 QY-WS-40 1000 108
QY-BP35 16 3.5 QY-WS-50 1000 92
QY-BP40 19 4.0 QY-WS-60 1000 80
QY-BP45 19 4.5 QY-WS-65 500 80
QY-BP50 25 5.0 QY-WS-85 500 80
QY-BP60 25 6.0 QY-WS-86 250 80
QY-BP70 32 7.0 QY-WS-105 250 80
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Advantages of polyester flexible strapping
The strength is comparable to that of steel, light and feminine, and there are no sharp edges that can damage the cargo. The following strapping manufacturers will explain the performance advantages of polyester flexible straps:
1. Environmental protection: Fiber belts can be recycled and reused like most plastics. Easy to use, no place to occupy.
2. High efficiency: fiber belt use efficiency is much higher than steel belt, and less waste. The use of fiber belts does not require problems such as warehouse capacity and safety factors.
3. Other: no deformation, use and dismantling safety, crossing and high folding. discount Buckle

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