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05-28-2013, 05:42 PM,
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Call, GPS, SMS Tracker Android App

- Call, GPS, SMS Tracker keeps tracking and monitoring of all your Calls, Locations data and SMS remotely for Android phones. It’s totally free.
- CAUTION: It is strictly forbidden to install the application on a phone that you do not have without the consent of the person. To respect Google Play’s privacy policy, application sending every 4 hours a notification icon in the phone user to specify that SMS, Calls and Locations data are transmitted to our server ( This information is viewed by the account owner.
- Call Logging/Monitor all inbound, outbound and missed calls. Details include name, call duration, date, phone number, contact name and address.
- GPS Tracking – Receive GPS locations data from the phone every 30 minutes by default. Display coordinates on Google Maps.
- SMS Tracking/Intercept text messages. Read all inbound and outbound messages. Details include name, message, date, phone number, contact name and address.
- This is useful:
* To get a copy of all SMS, Calls and Locations data in case of loss/theft of the phone.
* Sort the information by name, date, number, address / Save to PDF, Excel.
* To monitor the SMS, Calls and Locations data from your children (A silent free version is available of the site).
- Install this application on your mobile, using a email and a password. Then just log onto the site (
- For questions, send me an email to [email protected]
- Permissions Used :
-) Receive SMS and read SMS or MMS.
Required to read sent and received SMS. The SMS is sent to server only when the “Track SMS” option is enabled in the app.
-) Intercept outgoing calls and read phone state and identity
Required to get the incoming/missed/outgoing call details. This info is gathered only if the “Track Calls” option is enabled in the app.
-) Read contact data
Required to map the phone number received during call or SMS to the person’s name in the contact data.
-) Coarse/fine (network-based) location and view network state
Required to collect location details of the device. The location details will be collected only if the user enables the “Track Location” option is enabled in the app.

- LEGAL NOTICE: The software is designed to track your SMS, Calls and Locations data on a phone you own or that you have proper consent to monitor it. If you install the software on a phone you do not own or which you do not have the appropriate consent, you are an illegal, I will in no case be held responsible for your actions. By installing this application you agree that your Calls, Locations Data and SMS may be sent to our server ( which is located in FR.

[Image: Tracker.jpg]

SMS Tracker - App Review

[Image: DownloadButton.png]
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07-24-2013, 01:09 PM,
pierre_fontaine Offline

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RE: Call, GPS, SMS Tracker Android App

Yes, you can. I google search and find "HelloSPY" app.

Quick Features List

Track Phone Location
Read Phone SMS Remotely
Read Phone Contacts
Read iMessages and Whatsapp messages
See Call History
Track Internet Browsing History
See All Photos Captured
Record Apps Usage
Auto Answer
Back Up & Download CSV
Free Update
100% Undetectable
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07-25-2013, 05:10 PM,
irina_mole Offline
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Spytic - Call, GPS, SMS Tracker Android App

This morning,
he discovered with a spy software installed on her smartphone,
she cheated on him with his best friend from more than 6 months...

[Image: 3172395183_1_2_Of99XBNl.gif]
Keylogger for iphone, ipad,android cell phone and tablet
Download at
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08-17-2013, 10:23 PM,
linlee Offline
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  • Aug 2013
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Copy9 - Cell Phone Spy supports SMS tracking, Viber, ...

Copy9 – Cell Phone Spy Software. Remote spy on text message, GPS
location, call detail, photo, activities of social media applications (Viber,
Yahoo, Facebook, Whatsapp) and more…on smart phone.
How it works:
You should install Copy9 on target device which you want to track/spy. After that you must login (authenticate) on your target device with your account of Copy9.
Copy9 application will work silently and will flush data to our server (when the phone has internet connection, if not it store temporarily the data and will be flush when has connectivity). And then you can visit the website and login with your account to view all data secretly and remotely.
Compatible with:
- Apple devices such as iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S,
iPhone 5, iPad 1, iPad 2, iPad 3; supports up to iOS 6.x.
- 85% of Android devices in market such as Samsung Galaxy S, Sumsung Galaxy Tab, Nexus S, Acer Liquid, beTouch, Dell Venue…; support from Android 2.x up to 4.x
- GPS Location History (Free lifetime)
- Record SMS message/ iMessage (iOS), Whatsapp, Viber, Yahoo Messenger, Facebook…
- Record Call History: view call time, view deleted call, time of the call.
- Track address boook (contact history).
- Monitor Internet Activities (URL)
- Photo (Camera Roll in iOS)
- Spy Call
- Notes history
- Key logger: log all activities on cell phone.
- Alert and notification
- Support 24/7
- 100% undetectable
- Multiple devices
- Export to Excel file
- Parents protect children
- Monitor your staffs in company
- Catch cheating spouses
- Take back your lost phone
Please contact us at [email protected] or visit website for more detail.
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08-20-2013, 12:43 PM,
soliywhite Offline

  • Aug 2013
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RE: Call, GPS, SMS Tracker Android App

I use ikeymonitor. It works great on iPhone.
(This post was last modified: 08-20-2013, 12:45 PM by soliywhite.)
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12-10-2013, 12:30 PM,
darren Offline
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  • Dec 2013
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RE: Call, GPS, SMS Tracker Android App

It's disappointing if the software feature is not really as advertised , which is a blatant lie, I have used a lot of software, but now I only feel comfortable with Innovaspy
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06-15-2014, 02:31 AM,
arif029 Offline
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  • Jun 2014
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RE: Call, GPS, SMS Tracker Android App

For cheap international calling just use the Smartgroschen Application, its very easy to use & very much cheap. It has also free chat option.
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