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buy Rotary Vacuum Packaging Machine

Automatic multi-head weigher vacuum integration packaging machine is special for various solid &granule food,such as jellyfish, shrimp meat, melon seeds,peanuts,rice,bean etc.

Main Technical Parameters
Machine Vacuum Packing Machine for nuts seed rice dates
Equipment Model RZ8-150ZK+multi-head weigher
Measuring Type multi-head computer weigher
Bag Size W: 60~150mm L: 70~210mm((date coding requires:bag length≥ 140mm Above)
Filling Range 5-500g
Packing Speed 20~50Bags/min
Package Accuracy Error≤1%(depended on the product features)
Weight 2300kg
Dimension 2476mm*1797mm*1661mm
Total Power 9.29kw
Compressed Air Requirement ≤0.65m3/min buy Rotary Vacuum Packaging Machine

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