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Blackbrry Z10 Heats up fast

Hi blackberry user, please give me solution on heating my device..I have the Blackbrry Z10, the phone is very nice but when I play games or browsing sites it heats up easily, one another issue when I close the game after that when I go to my messages, all of the messages will be gone, and it states that there are no conversation, but when I reboot blackberyy z10, my messages come back.

I am very disappointed from last week.

I see for solution here and there but no got success.

I think finally I have to go its service center?

I had same issue before one week but I found a solution to get it normal, I took a backup for my device using Blackberry Link "Applications" unchecked, I was confused if some of applications causing this. I took the backup of rest of my data and settings, then had a Security Wipe by going to Setting >> Security and Privacy >> Security Wipe. My Z10 started to lose heat while in the Wipe Process. I then had a watch to check improvements used it for an hour and now It's heating up anymore.


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