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ASUS Padfone 2 android phone does heat up quickly.

The phone does heat up quickly:
1 ) Even after 10 mins of gaming it gets very hot.
2 ) When watching or recording vedios.
3 ) When connected to the station gets heated up quickly.
I ask is the:
1 ) software prblem.
2 ) Hardware prblem.
3 ) or a UNIT problem
4 ) Phone problem
Please help me!

Hello Peter123, Overheating is one of the many issues that can originate from a variety of actions on a device. In order to get a better understanding of the issue, I have a few questions to ask about the device and it's usage.

■ What city and state are you in?
■ Do you have any apps on the device that regulate battery life or signal issues?
■ Are you having signal fluctuations?
■ What software version do you have on the device?
■ Are you using the original battery and charger?

As a best practice, it is recommended to replace the battery after owning it longer than a year. Since batteries are a deteriorating accessory, it's performance will not be as consistent as it was in its younger months. Although there are exceptions to this practice, I would encourage it in your case.

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