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Apple launches 8GB iPhone 5c

A new cheaper 8GB version of the iPhone 5C has gone on sale through O2.

[Image: iphone-5c-colors_2667889b.jpg]

Apple has launched a cheaper 8GB version of the iPhone 5C, on sale through O2 for £409.

The new handset went on sale this morning alongside the existing 16GB and 32GB models, retailing at £469 and £549, cutting £40 from the current retail price. It is priced at £429 on Aple's website.

The iPhone 5c was launched last year but its sales have struggled to match those of the iPhone 5s, the more expensive and powerful Apple smartphone, which is available in gold.

Apple sold a company-record 51 million iPhones in the final quarter of last year, but the 5c has so far proved to be the less popular of its current generation of smartphones.

The 5c was hailed as the company's first budget smartphone, compared to the "gold standard" iPhone 5s, priced at £549 for 16GB, 629 for the 32GB model and £709 for the 64GB model... more>>

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