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Can we install gingerbread on Motorola Bravo android phone? - Emanuel Lopes - 04-15-2013

Please anybody tell me that can we install gingerbread on Motorola Bravo android phone.

Suggest me.....

RE: Can we install gingerbread on Motorola Bravo android phone? - joydutta - 05-09-2013

you can install it manually using our guide below:

Step 1: Download Android 2.3.6 Gingebread (GRK39F).

Step 2: Rename the file to

Step 3: Connect your Nexus One to your computer and transfer to the root of your phone’s microSD card, it should not be inside any folder.

Step 4: Turn off your mobile.

Step 5: Keep the Volume Down button pressed and turn on the phone. Scroll down to recovery and press the power/lock button.

Step 6: You should now see a triangle with an exclamation mark. Press Power + Volume Up button.

Step 7: A menu will appear. Select The screen will say install from sdcard complete.

Step 8: You must now select reboot system now.

To confirm if the update has successfully installed, go to Settings > About phone and check under Android version and Build number.

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